San Salvatore di Cogorno

Centro Dialisi Riviera Ligure
The recently renovated centre is located near the Lavagna motorway toll station, 2km from the sea, in a strategic position between the Tigullio Gulf and Cinque Terre.

Our center has an agreement with the national Sanitary system so you can access with the prescriptions drawn up by your general practitioner or more probably by the doctor of the dialysis center you belong to (Only for Italian patients).

Number of dialysis stations: 8
Free Wi-fi: Yes
Food and drink provided: Yes
Date opened: 1999

San Salvatore di Cogorno Centre
Via Divisione Coduri, 83
16030 San Salvatore di Cogorno (GE), Italy

San Salvatore di Cogorno, Centri Dialisi della Riviera Ligure

The Tigullio Gulf

The Tigullio Gulf lies to the east of Genoa, a succession of marvellous coves such as Paraggi, the natural harbour of Santa Margherita Ligure, San Michele di Pagana and the Rapallo Gulf, all the way to Zoagli.
Centri Dialisi della Riviera Ligure


Beautiful beaches with amenities and marinas where line boats, fisher boats and yachts are docked. Small and large towns on the Riviera, with a world-famous treasure: Portofino.

The Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre are five old fishing villages situated along the jagged Ligurian coast. Each of these towns is characterised by colourful houses and steep vineyards on the sea cliffs. Over a thousand years, human beings have “transformed” the natural environment by sectioning off the precipitous slopes to create arable strips of land, known as ciàn, supported by kilometres of dry stone walls.
The Sentiero Azzurro, a trail that extends along the coast, connects the Cinque Terre together and offers splendid panoramas overlooking the sea. The area is a World Heritage Site.

Centri Dialisi della Riviera Ligure