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The centre for haemodialysis patients on holiday!

Centro Dialisi Riviera Ligure performs bicarbonate haemodialysis with a highly biocompatible membrane filter and online haemodiafiltration.

When patients arrive at the facility, they undergo an initial specialist examination during which their personalised haemodialysis plan is prepared and an arterio-venous FISTULA examination or irrigation and treatment of the A-V graft is performed.

Clinica San Michele, Albenga, Centri Dialisi della Riviera Ligure
San Salvatore di Cogorno, Centri Dialisi della Riviera Ligure

At the end of the scheduled haemodialysis treatments, a discharge consultation is carried out, and patients are given their clinical documentation related to the treatments performed.

The patient’s course of treatment, which is always monitored by our specialist physicians, includes:

nephrology admission examination

preparation of the haemodialysis plan

bicarbonate haemodialysis or haemodiafiltration

discharge examination

delivery of final report


Our dialysis centres use latest-generation monitors and
devices manufactured by Fresenius.

5008 CorDiax and 5008S CorDiax

The 5008 CorDiax and the 5008S CorDiax offer a sophisticated safety feature in all machines as standard:


  • provides very precise information about the conditions within the dialyser;
  • several checks per minute allow for the constant optimisation of the substitution rate;
  • the system is automatically activated at the start of treatment;
  • the AutoSubplus function supports the nephrologist in establishing HighVolumeHDF® as standard therapy.


The AquaWTU Device for dialysis centres is a fully independent water treatment system and includes a reverse osmosis system and basic pre-filtration.
It was designed to supply dialysis machines with minimal noise.

The chemical-physical and bacteriological parameters of the circuit water are constantly monitored.

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